Baseball Training Glove – Everything You Should Know About

A baseball training glove is an essential piece of equipment for all baseball players. There are many kinds of baseball gloves available in the market, but it’s not easy to decide which one you should buy.

In this article, we will review some options that are considered best in their category.

Baseball is a game that requires a lot of practice to master. And for all those practicing, it would be useful to have a baseball training glove.

Such gloves come in various sizes and models that allow you to practice your swings without dam Baseball Training Glove aging your hands. Also, you can wear them when you’re not on the field.

Baseball Training Glove

Baseball Training Gloves & Mitts

Baseball Training Gloves & Mitts

To train for the field and improve performance, a training glove or mitt is necessary. Today’s market offers many different types of gloves from which one can pick up on the most suitable options. Some of them include batting gloves, outfielders’ gloves, catching mitts and bag trainer-style hand guards among others

Batting Gloves

Batting Gloves

Whenever there is talk about fielding in baseball it’s not long until someone brings up batting. Unless you really make sure that your hands are safe when hitting the ball, then every hit will hurt in some way or another.

A good training bat should also be used with a batting glove to prevent any scratches and injuries while performing baseball drills.

Baseball Gloves

Baseball Gloves

There is no such thing as perfect gloves for each player but there are well-suited models available on market today which provide optimum performance with exceptional materials of latest technology.

Many people use them to help ensure they are safe while fielding and hitting the ball.

Outfield Mitts

Outfield Mitts

A good outfielders’ glove is important for anyone who practices infield drills or collects a lot of balls during games as it protects not just your hands but also from other smaller objects that might be on the field.

Another excellent pick up for any position player would be batting gloves which protect their palms when swinging at a ball in order to keep their skin safe.

Catching Mitts

Catching Mitts

If you can’t afford a custom-made glove, then catching gloves are a great way of making do with what limited budget you have available as they will protect your hands while also providing your fingers with the comfort and dexterity needed for some catches.

If possible, however, do expect that these would be better suited in tighter positions while catching the ball rather than releasing it on arms at full fill.

Sizing Guide

Sizing Guide

“Pitching and catching can be dangers for a pitcher or catcher. Both positions are important in baseball, but neither one is more dangerous than the other.” – John Schueler.

The size of a glove is usually measured from knuckle to first (furthest) finger or palm length. Some mitts are offered in sizes, but some gloves come with three sizes: small/medium and large XXL.

A baseball glove’s hand measurements include the following: Measurement Description Length Palm Width Hand Length Glove Size Sleeve Depth Pocket Depth Rib Height Instep Length 9 inches 5 inches across bottom 4 inches 5 inches up to wrist’s point 7.5 around the heel Width 7 1/2 at widest.

If your child wears these sizes then the gloves in size will fit them:

The gloves in this size range may not be too snug, but we would recommend that you purchase another pair or two of a bigger size and have it tailored to fit properly.

The palm material is typically tougher than most so they are longer lasting, even when used multiple times daily!

Shoulder: Length 11.75 Liner Width 3 1/2 Underarm Covers 5 Sleeve Height 8 Rib Height 6 Inseam Tall-Short 9 Overhand 8 Instep 10.

Batting Glove

Batting Glove

The playing field has a constant danger of the ball coming in contact with the player and their body.

Adding some personal protection to their hands and torso is crucial for everyone’s safety, especially when dealing with such an intense sport as baseball. Bamboo bats can also be found which are great if you’re homebrewing.

BASEBALL BAT PROTECTORS: A perfect match would be arm guards by Rawlings. It will also protect your wrists, forearms and hands as well.

ARM GUARDS: A great option are the Dayton Athletic Dri-Tec Bat Mats by Rawlings which will absorb hot moisture that would otherwise seep into your clothes. This will also help keep blistering to a minimum and assist in solving calluses as well.

GLOVE GUARD: A glove guard is great for anyone who doesn’t want their personal jewelry, watch or bracelet smashed!

Glove Coach

  1. Fit your hand snug around the mouthpiece
  2. Wrap it just below fingers like a mitten
  3. Hold up then drop onto two toes

Need Help Finding a Glove?

Expect the Glove Coach to be able to help you with locations of local sport stores that carry gloves. If a locate store does not exist, please feel free to contact customer service for assistance.

Training Baseball Gloves

Training Baseball Gloves

The first step in the classification process is taking your gloves to a local golf shop. The glove should be tried on for sizing, and then hit with a variety of golf clubs by different people to ensure that its durability doesn’t fall apart when you need it most.

The In-Box Barn Cricket Shop, an online retailer that sells cricket equipment and boots in Kent, UK by PAKON Fixtures:

TYRES: Tyres are essential to the process of being a professional player. The gloves that you wear need to be light-weight for optimum performance during batting or fielding as this will enable you with increased speed and agility.

We offer a huge range from brands such as Adidas who has manufactured some of their bats constructed out of carbon fiber to further reduce weight.

STORAGE SHELVES: Not only do they highlight the craftsmanship and speed that goes into gear manufacturing but they also help the player transition between activities in a fast, safe and organized manner.

Manufacturers such as Adidas and Steeldart offer a variety of options for players which include color, best suitable size.

The Best Catcher’s Mitts For 2022

The Best Catcher’s Mitts For 2022

The best choices are:

  1. Reusch -RTX Pro III Plus Glove (4.5 stars)
  2. Wilson A2000 Catcher’s Mitt (4.3 stars)
  3. Mizuno MT1000 Catcher’s Mitx with Thumb Hawk Leather Palm and Finger Holes (4.1 stars, 17 reviews) Here is a review on this glove that sums up their general feelings quite nicely.
  4. Rawlings Gold Glove Catcher’s Mitts (4.2 stars, 177 reviews)
  5. Mizuno MX1000 Catcher’s Mercy Gloves in Offwhite/Hawk Leather with Thumb Hawk Palm and 5 Finger Holes – New for 2019 / 2020 Season
  6. Wilson A2000 Prolite Tunnel Flex Baseball Mitt (3 stars, 15 reviews)
  7. Louisville Slugger Rookie Baseball Catcher’s Mitts (2.9 stars, 10 reviews)

The goal here is to provide a list of gloves that perform their job well and are not riddled with drawbacks. All five options carry a good reputation within the industry as top sellers regardless which position they are designed for.

Plus all these mitts run under $100 on average making them an option most players can afford!

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

1. Which Brand Of Baseball Training Glove Is Best?

If you are in the market for a new glove, then we recommend either Rawlings or Wilson.

The widest selection of gloves is offered by these brands and they also provide top-of-the-line craftsmanship/design. Genuine, premium leather has a beautiful feel that you cannot find in other gloves.

2. What Is The Difference Between A Catching Mitt And Batting Practice Glove?

A catcher’s mitt should have less padding than some other types of training gear like batting practice equipment because players usually use their free hand to catch baseballs during actual games – not just drills or practices. Size is also a factor here.

3. What Types Of Baseball Training Gloves Are There And Which One Is Best For Me?

The best baseball training glove for most people is the Rawlings R-3 Series Baseball Gloves. They offer a nice balance of durability and comfort that we value at CTCA.

4. Do Leather Gloves Make It Difficult To Hit?

This isn’t always true, but batting practice mitts are generally made with less padding than catching mitts in order to reduce bulkiness while allowing players better feel during catches and adding velocity when swinging through the zone.

5. What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Glove With A Gator Grip?

The pros include being able to hold onto balls easier, gripping tougher pitches better, moving faster because the palm is lined with sweat-absorbent material; there’s no broken batting gloves like you find at baseball fields after eight games during hot summer seasons.

The cons can be that when wet your hands are slippery so fielding dry or sweaty batters or balls is difficult, and they also dry slower.


Training gloves are essential for baseball players. There are many kinds of baseball gloves available in the market, each with their own unique features and specifications. The glove is not just about protection but also about making a statement.

I hope now you know enough about baseball training glove. You can choose from leather, synthetic, or even a combination of both materials. Leather provides more comfort while synthetic gives more grip and durability.

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